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Fri Apr 16 03:36:32 UTC 2010

This email and the site linked in it seem suspicious to me.

I suggest that nobody enters username and password into the login field
on that site.

Where is the Sign Up link on the site if I don't want to use my freenode

On Thu, 2010-04-15 at 19:30 -0700, Me You wrote:
> Hey Ubuntu IRC, my name is Taso and I've been working as the lead
> engineer on a platform for real-time communities and support with
> another engineer for a bit over a year now.  You can check out what we
> have at .  Tap ( our product ) allows for
> easily accessible and scalable real-time communities to be created so
> that you can have large group discussion and moderation within a
> specific community.  If you use the search you'll see that we already
> have a fair amount of open source and programming projects setup on
> tap , and we've setup a few for you guys based off of your irc
> channels.  The demo we setup is here:  ..
> we also setup a few others so when you search for Ubuntu you'll get
> back some results that allow you to connect to the appropriate niche.
> A lot of our functionality and innovation comes from a bug that was
> reported in the Ubuntu community
> forums, ... as
> our sole purpose was not Ubuntu, nore IRC at first, we soon realized
> as we were creating our product that many things that we were doing
> were very similar to IRC and Ubuntu (as a community) seemed to be the
> perfect example of the pain point we're aiming to
> solve; scalable real-time communities; and that problem will only grow
> with Ubuntu and other communities in the future as growth progresses.
> Everything on tap is as real-time as IRC or any chat, as we a TCP/HTTP
> translation layer similar to the comet protocol for doing all of our
> real-time interaction, using JavasScript.  Currently there are a few
> smaller communities using our site, but we've built things to scale
> and we would also like to see how a community such as Ubuntu would
> perform using what we've built.  It's sorta like Twitter meets Google
> Wave, with a focus on communities.  Threaded conversations allow for a
> community to grow much larger in size, as the majority of chatter in a
> chatroom is a response to something that was originally said, when you
> thread the conversations, you essentially grow the ability to have
> more users by the percentage of responses, which is about 80-90%, as
> that's what makes a chatroom such as on IRC so "noisy".
> One other huge benefit is that, believe it or not, most developers
> don't use or don't even realize IRC still exists.  Living in the heart
> of Silicon Valley, it's still the consensus that IRC has gone away;
> which of course many people would disagree with, but it's kinda fact;
> as only 60,000 users on freenode active, and that's extremely small
> compared to even the user base of Ubuntu.  By creating an easy to use
> and easily accessible real-time community on the web, you would be
> opening up support to lots of people.  Our search also allows you to
> create a community with a niche corresponding to the keywords, so that
> in the even that a community does get to big by chance ( it would have
> to be over a million users or so to make a quality/noise difference ),
> then you would see  could split up the channel based on the keywords,
> so that when users search they get a 'tap room' relevant to the niche.
> Well, we built tap so that scaleable real-time communities can exist,
> and we see a lot of uses for them, we hope that you guys will give tap
> a shot , as that would be terrific for everyone involved.  Currently
> we linked it to Freenodes authentication so that when you join you
> automatically have the permissions relevant to your moderation status,
> and so that we can limit users, as our back-end is pretty large so we
> thought it would be good to limit it to freenode for the time being. 
> We just released tap less then 24 hours ago and we hope that you guys
> find it as useful.  We hope we tap can become the new IRC and that
> real-time communities can flourish in mass while keeping very high
> quality.  That's our goal.  Looking forward to hearing everyones
> thoughts on this.
> Taso.

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