Call for New Operators in the #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic channels.

John Vivirito gnomefreak at
Thu Apr 8 11:25:10 UTC 2010

On 04/06/2010 05:19 AM, Jussi Schultink wrote:
> Call for New Operators in the #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic
> channels.
> The IRCC is now taking applications for a number of new operator positions
> in the following channels: #ubuntu #kubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic. The
> particular area of need is for people with availability between the times of
> 12am to 7am UTC.
> So if you’re active on our IRC channels and you are available in the
> specified times (or at least part of them), and if you’ve been aching to
> help, you should consider applying for membership! You might get your chance
> if
>     * You are great at resolving conflicts
>     * You are very patient. Superhuman nerve control is a basic IRC operator
> feature
>     * You can take criticism
>     * You are happy when helping and advising others
>     * In addition to the Code of Conduct and our IRC Guidelines, you are
> happy to adhere to some additional guidelines :)
> In general, please do not consider becoming an operator because it could be
> “fun”. It is not, it’s hard work. However, it is often quite rewarding, and
> you get to operate with a great team of people. You don’t need to be an IRC
> guru, but you do need to know enough to be able to learn more.
It can be quite rewarding, however not everyone is happy with us when we
> Please be aware that *many* applicants will not become operators for various
> reasons. This will not necessarily be because we think you would make a bad
> operator. Only a limited number of operators are ever needed, some timezones
> are better covered already than others, and so on.
> IMPORTANT: Please follow the application process at:
> and additionally
> note your available times on your wiki page. Having your wiki page listed on
> your LP page is also useful to aid us in finding your information.
> We look forward to your applications!
> Jussi Schultink

Sincerely Yours,
    John Vivirito
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