Lorenzo J. Lucchini ljlbox at
Mon Mar 23 17:31:54 UTC 2009

On Monday 23 March 2009 17:20:10 Rich Rudnick wrote:
> Lorenzo J. Lucchini wrote:
> > I have introduced a new bot into the main channels (#ubuntu, #kubuntu,
> > #ubuntu+1, #ubuntu-offtopic, as well as some in the #ubuntu-it
> > hierarchy).
> >
> > The only "bad" keyphrase currently present is "sudo passwd root".
> I'd suggest adding rm -rf / and it's aliases, as well any forkbombs

Are you sure that's useful? I mean, every time I've seen someone maliciously 
giving such things, they just gave them in the channel, they didn't link to 
sites *containing* them.

I could do it as a "just in case" thing, but then there's the risk of false 
positives, and I'm sure we'd hate getting too many !ops false positives...

by LjL
ljl at
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