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Mon Mar 23 14:23:19 UTC 2009

On Monday 23 March 2009 09:19:20 Alan Pope wrote:
> 2009/3/23 Lorenzo J. Lucchini <ljlbox at>:
> > #ubuntu
> > "Malware", "Dating", "Drugs", "Gambling", "Hate/Discrimination",
> > "Nudity", "Phishing", "Politics", "Pornography", "Religious",
> > "Sexuality", "Tasteless", "Adult Themes", "Television"
> Does that mean that if someone asks how they can watch their favourite
> <insert_TV_network_here> programme on their computer, they'll get a
> warning and !ops? Of course they'd have to post a url to trigger it,
> but still, I can see plausible reasons for posting a url to a TV site
> such as or in the UK, so I guess other
> regions also have online TV that people might want to watch on their
> Ubuntu computer?

Yes, as a matter of fact, I previously had even more categories for the 
support channels, such as News/Media, Travel, Sports... basically just about 
anything that wasn't computer-related.

I removed them for the exact reason that you explained. I will remove 
Television as well.

(Note again that such categories were NEVER there for #ubuntu-offtopic, but 
only for the support channels; I just mispasted there).

by LjL
ljl at
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