Bantracker: Call for Blueprints

Benjamin Rubin bnrubin at
Sun Jul 12 01:28:55 UTC 2009

The IRC Council has recently been discussing the need for an issue tracker
that would integrate with the Bantracker.  In talking about this, we brought
up the possibility of rewriting the BT entirely.

For those of you on this list that are not familiar with the Bantracker, it
is a component of ubottu that records all kicks and bans into a database
that the IRC Team can later review on a website.  It was originally written
by Seveas, but since his departure from the IRC Team, tsimpson has been
maintaining and improving it.

It is our belief that a more robust BT would make our jobs as operators much
easier.  To that end, we are soliciting new feature requests from our
operators and members of the Ubuntu IRC community.  A launchpad project has
been registered, so please file your blueprints at

Benjamin 'Pici' Rubin
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