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Lasse Havelund lasse at
Tue Dec 8 08:51:08 UTC 2009

+1 on both points made so far (quorom for voting, clarification of
jurisdiction for the IRCC).


2009/12/7 Joseph Price <pricechild at>

> It seems my previous email was truncated... odd... but thanks pleia
> for getting back to me & being ok with suggestions from the community.
> I'd like to start off with two quotes from the governance document
> that I think are badly in need of a change.
> ---
> "Decisions will be made by a majority of voting IRC Council members
> when at least three and more than half of the total members have
> voted."
> This caused several issues whilst I sat on the council. I would
> propose that all decisions require approval by at least half the total
> members on the council. ie if only 3 members are present, then all 3
> would have to '+1' the decision. Two +1's and one abstaining would not
> suffice.
> This would avoid situations where 3 members attend a meeting, and a
> motion is passed with approval by 2 of those. The absent 2 may then be
> found to be against this decision.
> ---
> "The Ubuntu IRC Council (''IRCC'') is the team governance council for
> the the Ubuntu IRC channels on the freenode network. " & "The IRC
> Council is the group that is ultimately responsible for the governing
> the IRC channels and interfacing between IRC and the rest of the
> Ubuntu community and governance systems."
> I don't think that these two sentences are define the scope of the
> IRCC well enough.
> Examination of would be a
> good start to understand how projects work on freenode. Does the IRCC
> look after xubuntu's irc community, mythbuntu's, fluxbuntu's,
> randombuntu's? I think that a limit has to be set here in order for
> the group's governance to be effective. Of course future projects
> could be added when needed. Projects should want to use the ubuntu
> namespace in order to gain the benefits that being part of the Ubuntu
> IRC Community brings.
> Comments please! :-)
> --
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