Spring cleaning.

Joseph Price pricechild at ubuntu.com
Fri May 30 17:37:46 UTC 2008

With Freenode's migration to atheme complete, I think now would be a
fitting time to 'take count' of ubuntu-irc's presence.

So a couple of things I propose we do, the first being one for everyone,
the latter needing council's access.

1. Is https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat up to date?
 - ie check channel ownerships are up to date (+F flag)
 - Check listed channels are still active
  - if not then decide whether something needs to be done about it.
 - Check all channels are listed that should be.

2. 'Spring clean' update for access lists.
 - I'm primarily talking here about the channels owned by the IRC
 - All members of the IRC Council should have +F in the 'main' channels?
(Lets keep the ubuntuirccouncil nick for all others though)
 - Make a backup copy of the current access lists on the wiki someplace.
 - Remove ops who are not active/have resigned from the lists.
  - By not active, I don't mean those who are still involved with ubuntu
in devel.
  - (Just incase, it...) Should be done with the opinion that if someone
who was idle (can be verified by saved copies of lists on wiki) does
return and ask for access, unless there are extenuating circumstances,
they will be welcomed back and access restored.
 - Templates are a very funky, very useful system with atheme. If you
have +f in a channel, you may want to "/msg chanserv template #channel
op +votiA" (or other flags if you have a special circumstance) This
means that you can just do "/msg chanserv flags #channel nick op" to add
users to the access list later with operator privileges without having
to worry about which flags should be granted.

3. Are there also stale members in ubuntu-irc?
 - Same as above


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