Emergency contact

Martin Meredith mez at ubuntu.com
Sun Jun 15 16:23:16 UTC 2008

It seems of late that if someone is not around to respond to a
first-time ping, then actions are taken without consulting them first.

I was a victim of this, and am now no longer hosting one of the
floodbots (in fact, it was 2 at one point in LjL's absence)

Please note however, that you cannot expect someone to always be able to
respond to pings a day later. I for example, had these pings in my log
along with <foo> amount of other pings regarding !ops ... In these cases
I'll generally just discard the pinglog.

After that, people decided to use "m e z" so as to not ping me, I'm
assuming this is because they didn't want me part of the conversation
anymore. yet, if they had highlighted me, I would have seen it. 

I personally, am quite happy to be highlighted at any time. I can always
ignore it if I'm not around.

If I don't seem to be around and it's important, then please, feel free
to email me - I will generally be able to pick up my email more often
than not when I haven't got IRC.

If it's REALLY important - call me. Or send me an SMS. I'm quite happy
for that to happen. My Number is available in many places - it only
requires a little bit of looking, or, if you think you might need it,
just ask me.

I will, at some point also be setting up an email address that will
forward to my phone - this is likely to be mez+sms at ubuntu.com - I'll let
you guys know when I have it setup.

But please, don't rely on IRC pinglogs for something that might be
important. IRC is not the best medium for getting something across.
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