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Sun Jun 1 02:04:00 UTC 2008

Joseph Price said the following on 01/06/08 02:53:
>> I believe that a system whereby the irc council could instigate a 
>> namespace wide ban first if they believe that an individual should be 
>> k-lined. This would involve the person in question being banned from 
>> every #*ubuntu* channel. This would have to be a decision that would not 
>> be taken lightly (but then again, neither should be the decision to 
>> request a k-line).
> Whether or not I think this is a good idea, I do not believe it is
> feasible without gms and some new bots/scripts/code. There are a *lot*
> of #ubuntu-* irc channels, most we don't directly control, many which
> don't appear on chanserv or channel listings... plus staff with auspex
> shouldn't be using it for something like this.

What is "auspex"?

As I understand it, it is possible for group contacts to take control of 
a channel (I do think it is a bad idea to do this, but it does show that 
it is at least possible to implement the idea). An alternative is to 
make a change to the "rules" stating that, although individual channels 
can be run as the respective owners wish, there is an exception that if 
the irc council (after a public dicussion) deems it necessary to issue a 
namespace-wide ban, it should be implemented by every channel as soon as 

It may be a lot of work to get a ban set in every channel, but this 
solution should only be used in cases that are extreme enough to warrant 
that sort of effort; If people question whether it is too much effort to 
remove a user from the namespace, is what they have done *really* bad 
enough to require such an extreme step.
> Now for the juicy bit...
> I don't think its a good idea. Banning someone in every single channel
> is "making a point". Demonstrating our power. Its just over the top!
> Rather than "making a point", I think we should "deal with the
> situation". The former tends to aggravate the people on the other end to
> bad situations, making things a whole lot worse.

If this is the case, isn't requesting staff to k-line someone 
essentially the same thing (over the top), and the issue should be dealt 
with by talking to people, rather than trying to get them kicked off the 

I don't necessarily think that my idea is the best solution to the 
problem, but it is a potential solution. I would like to hear some 
constructive criticism, and for people to think about other possible 
solutions, rather than just directing complaints at staff.

Chris. (Seeker`)

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