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Tue Apr 29 12:07:45 UTC 2008

To say nothing of the other issues:

While I can agree that being told that the infrastructure would be 
turned off at a certain time, rather than immediately would have been 
nice, I really can't see the problem with this.

Ubotu was always on private hosting - Canonical has consistently refused 
to host the bot, or it's database, in the data center.  While it has 
it's reasons to do so, which I'm sure are good and valid, this 
inevitably means that it's running on a community member's machine.

What, exactly, is the problem, with a community member deciding to stop 
providing services from their personal machines, when they've never 
received help from Canonical in any way over it, it's at their expense, 
and they do not agree with that section of the project anymore?

Certainly, having a hard deadline of a time where the services would be 
turned off would have been helpful - but how many warning signs were 
there, about Seveas, and others, being unhappy about the way things are 
run, and talk of stepping away entirely?  More than a bit, i'd say! 
(although not all was publicly logged)

I'd also point out that various people did have copies of ubotu up and 
running (it's connection has been flaky recently), and were in user-land 
within minutes of Seveas taking ubotu out.  Clearly, dev-land did not 
receive the same privilege (please poke someone in #ubuntu-ops if it's 
still missing from channels).  Launchpad has the full code to ubotu - or 
at least, all the needed stuff (plugins, etc).  Any delay would have 
been over who wanted to host it next, and getting the final 
configurations in place.


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