Ubotu failover setup

Dennis Kaarsemaker dennis at ubuntu.com
Wed Sep 19 20:38:32 UTC 2007

> case:
> netsplit
> solution:
> have all bots join the same irc server, if they "loose their primary 
> server, they all have a secondary server, and they all part and ubotu is 
> the only one to join all channels

Bad. Server might just die.

> case:
> ubotu dies
> solution:
> Have bots inc +1 each other, have the second bot sit in all channels, if 
> it "sees" ubotu leave, it can assume role, if it sees "ubotu" rejoin it 
> shuts up

Original plan is improved version of that

> case:
> if bot no2. or lower dies,
> solution:
> bot three takes the position of number 2 and number two becomes lowest 
> number.

Original plan is improved version of that

> case:
> restoring order after some death of one or more bots
> (for whatever reason)
> solution:
> one of the editors calls a "@reorder" command in the channel and 
> whatever the predetermined listing kicks in

Not needed with a proper failover algorithm

> (copied from Dennis but with some comment perhaps implied but not said)
> case:
> ubotu or replacement has a database error(S)

If on ubotu: Big fucking problem requiring manual intervention anyway
If on others: databases are synced hourly anyway

> What would be brilliant would be to have a "known good db" from a day 
> eariler or two days eariler become the default and see if this restores 
> order,

Daily backups exist.
Dennis K.

Time is an illusion, lunchtime doubly so.
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