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Anthony Yarusso wrote:
> Dennis Kaarsemaker wrote:
>> On za, 2007-09-01 at 01:48 -0500, Anthony Yarusso wrote:
>>> I stumbled across this today while looking at the recent wiki edits list:
>>> It's either written by or merely last edited by aoirthoir (of
>>> #ubuntu-offtopic), and while I don't agree 100% with it (particularly
>>> some bits like "Those, like these, are not rules, but only guidelines.
>>> Still, both sets of guidelines will help promote a friendly atmosphere
>>> in the channels.", as the Freenode Channel Guidelines are suggestions
>>> to channel owners, whereas Freenode also maintains hard and fast rules
>>> for the network under Freenode Policy, and channel owners are free to
>>> enforce their own rules in addition to guidelines), he actually makes
>>> a handful of reasonable points that I think are worth a look and some
>>> discussion.  Perhaps a compromise of the best qualities of both this
>>> and the existing page would be worthwhile.  Thoughts?
>> The IRC council are responsible for maintaining the guidelines, not
>> random trolls like Aoirthoir. Hence I reverted his edits to the
>> IrcGuidelines document. Apparently he now put them on a separate
>> wikipage.
>> If he has something to discuss with us, he should do so by discussing.
>> Not by editing wikipages he should not be editing.
> Ah, I was not aware that he had edited the real page first - that
> sounds more like the aoirthoir I've seen before (I was a bit surprised
> before by how civil it looked, relatively speaking).
> Anyway, certainly agreed the IRC Council maintains such things.  I
> guess it's still worth those folks considering the points made,
> although some of the credit I was willing to give is lost now.

The only way i can think of to get people from randomly changing pages
you dont want them to is to move it to either ubuntu official domain
(they are official guidelines afaik) the CC had agreed to them. or move
them to a personal domain.
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