Goodbye Cody Somerville

Peter Garrett peter-garrett at
Thu Jan 25 12:38:32 UTC 2007

On Thu, 25 Jan 2007 07:37:07 +0100
Dennis Kaarsemaker <dennis at> wrote:

> A few weeks ago Cody Somerville stepped up to take on the xubuntu side
> of the IRC channels. He seemed enthousiastic and a quick learner so I
> gave it to him and let him join our trusted group of operators.


Regardless of Cody's rightness or wrongness, I think this shows that there
needs to be a clearer guideline about how issues should be handled. My
impression when this mailing list was started was that it should act as a
place to discuss issues concerning the operation of #(?)ubuntu-* channels.

Escalating a complaint without first airing it here seems at the least,
unfortunate. An ops meeting could have been convened to discuss the issues,
if that was required. Instead we have another potentially divisive event on
our hands. I notice that Cody was involved in both cases. 

Perhaps a first step would be to *require* discussion of disagreements on
the  -irc mailing list before contacting the CC ? If not, we have a
situation in which any op with a grudge or a disagreement could go
straight to the CC - I don't think that would be a desirable state of
affairs for anyone. Apart from anything else, it makes life more difficult
for the CC when such issues should, in my view, be first sorted out
whenever possible among the ops themselves.


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