Goodbye Cody Somerville

Corey Burger corey.burger at
Thu Jan 25 07:03:50 UTC 2007

On 1/24/07, Dennis Kaarsemaker <dennis at> wrote:
> Mornin' all,
> A few weeks ago Cody Somerville stepped up to take on the xubuntu side
> of the IRC channels. He seemed enthousiastic and a quick learner so I
> gave it to him and let him join our trusted group of operators.
> After that he caused nothing but problems with his mutiny and constantly
> trying to push everyone his way. Yesterday he went one step too far and
> e-mailed the community council, accusing all of us of being corrupt and
> accusing me of abusing my powers. You can find this mail at the botom of
> my e-mail.
> I feel I've let all of you down by bringing him in and defending his
> actions. This morning, after having thought about this for most of the
> night, I removed Cody's access to #xubuntu-* and #ubuntu-ops. Let's hope
> that the chaos he caused by trying to push everyone his way settles down
> now.
> I propose we have a new IRCops meeting next week, tuesday 21:00 UTC. We
> still need to complete the IRC council and have lots of loose ends to
> talk about.
> --
> Dennis K.

Wow, ok, this got out of hand really quickly. I am not primarily
concerned with the treatment of malt. However, Cody was, and as he did
not feel his concerns were being dealt with, he did what he should
have done, which is take it to the Community Council.

It is very clear to me that his punishment was because he took things
to the Community Council, not for any other offence. As such, that is
concerning to me. Users need to know that they are not going to get
punished for raising a grievance with the CC. While Cody's language
was far from perfect, it was also far from a major issue. I should
note this is not the only time I have seen people take issues with the
IRC operators to the CC, nor am I myself completely comfortable with
some of the actions taken.

For now the best thing to do is to convene a community council meeting
and deal with this issue. One of the issues that I will raise is the
treatment of how complaints are handled by the IRC ops team, as
continues to be an issue, in my opinion.


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