State of #ubuntu-offtopic

Frode M. Døving frode at
Wed Jan 24 19:08:00 UTC 2007

At Wednesday 24 January 2007 18:11, you wrote:
> <simple solution>
> Remove #ubuntu-offtopic and make it ##offtopic. There is no need for us to 
> have an offtopic channel to monitor and then bitch and moan about the 
> problems. I have hardly ever seen anything "Ubuntu Offtopic" in the channels, 
> so that is why I don't idle in those channels. Remove the #ubuntu* from them 
> and let them go on their own. Most of the people who talk in those channels 
> or idle in those channels hardly ever contribute to Ubuntu in the first 
> place. The offtopic channels are garbage, and they are tarnishing the Ubuntu 
> name just by association. This is nuts that the OPs have to confer with 10 or 
> more messages on what to do with the channel, release the Ubuntu association 
> and let it go. Just like everyone else in the world does with garbage, toss 
> it out!
> </simple solution>

Simple solutions are often very good. 
I support this.


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