[Fwd: Abuse from one of your clients]

Martin Meredith mez at ubuntu.com
Fri Jan 19 13:29:15 UTC 2007

Forwarded to IRC mailing list... wouldnt accept it with the attachment, but logs can be provided (or see http://francis.giannaros.org/temp/ops.logs while it's still there)

Good evening!

I'm emailing as a representative of the Ubuntu IRC Operator Team.
Recently, we had some problems with one of your users.

A log of the chat in our #ubuntu-op channel is attached below.

You also had a phone call from myself and Kurt Von Finck
(kurt at ubuntu.com) regarding this user.

We've done our best, including getting network staff to help us by
adding Server/Network bans on this person, however, they keep returning
via proxy.

This user was originally using the nickname malt, with the address of

I looked up this address, and ran a port scan on it, finding that a few
services were running on it

mez at apathy:~$ nmap dsl3-p226.intrstar.net

Starting Nmap 4.10 ( http://www.insecure.org/nmap/ ) at 2007-01-19 13:14
Interesting ports on dsl3-p226.intrstar.net (
Not shown: 1674 filtered ports
21/tcp   open   ftp
22/tcp   open   ssh
80/tcp   open   http
667/tcp  closed unknown
6667/tcp open   irc

Nmap finished: 1 IP address (1 host up) scanned in 64.415 seconds

I noticed that there was a HTTP server running on the host, and on
connecting to it, I recieved the following

Welcome to m4lt.com, my server is hosted by me malt. The server is
running on ubuntu linux, hosted on a DSL 1.5mbps connection with a 512k
upload speed. I decided to host this server from my home because i had a
extra computer and a $60 dollar internet bill a month... so why not put
the DSL connection to use more, instead of paying for monthly web
hosting. This site is only used for personal use and educational use

Meaning that we'd obviously found the right person, and he'd been using
his home IP.

Your website at http://www.intrstar.net/splash/conduct.html states the

Customers are prohibited from transmitting on or through any of
InterStar's services, any material that is, in InterStar's sole
discretion, unlawful, obscene, threatening, abusive, libelous, or
hateful, or encourages conduct that would constitute a criminal offense,
give rise to civil liability, or otherwise violate any local, state,
national or international law

Which I believe, as you can see from the logs, is a Term of Service that
has been broken

I appreciate your help on this matter, and look forward to it being
resolved in a speedy and efficient way. If you could inform us of the
outcome of this complaint, we would appreciate it.

Freenode staffers jenda and PhilKC helped out with this matter, and can
help you further with your enquiries.

I apologise for any "cruft" in the logs, as I'm sure you understand,
this is a log of a public IRC channel.

Yours Faithfully,
Martin Meredith
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