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Mon Oct 23 12:30:44 UTC 2006

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> Hello all,
> In a fairly unanymous vote, the following people were chosen as members
> of the IRC council.
> * Seveas
> * nalioth
> * ompaul
> This council is not meant to creat bureaucracy (sp?), but to take it
> away. If, after a short test period, this council seems to work ok, the
> things that are currently blocked on me (channel registration issues,
> cloaks etc.) can then be handled by either of those. The council is also
> an intermediate step between the operator team and the CC.
> The first issue for us is already here:
> Recently, there have been some actions by operators that upset quite a
> few people. Several people pointed out that the current set of operator
> guidelines may not be enough so I propose we take a look at them. LjL
> already wrote several guidelines (a bit too verbose) on
> which we may want to take
> into account.
> I'd welcome comments from anybody on this, but in the end I want the
> council to create the new set of guidelines.
I agree with some of the guidelines on that page.I dont think that
announcing to the channel is a way to keep it ontopic or to prevent
questions/arguements. Once announced to the channel than you can have
800+ people commenting on it and it will turn uncontrolable. I also
dont argee with a ban is never permenent as some bans that were set to
be perm. were from users that were given the benifit of the doubt a
few times and still said ill do what i want or whatever the case was.
As for questions at the top of guidelines there are so many choices
you cant really control what people say, we cant ask everyone thats
gonna help to read and obey the guidelines. Also the guidelines have
to be for every #ubuntu,#kubuntu,xubuntu,edubntu channels atleast i
feel thats the most efficiant way to have them.
There are some channels like #ubuntu-devel we have no control over
even though its aan official ubuntu channel.
Should we take the users word for it if its unknowing or knowingly
breaking rules? I have noticed people in #ubuntu alot of times dont
learn or they dont want to learn about say launage or pastebin.

> nd the second issue is also here:
> I want to propose the following people as operators:
> * elkbuntu
> * LjL
> Currently this still needs to go via the CC, but if we get this IRC
> council working ok, we can do this ourselves. So let's pretend we can do
> this ourselves and see how it goes  ;)
> --
> Dennis K.
> Time is an illusion, lunchtime doubly so.
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+1 for both. i think elkbuntu will make a great op. Ljl going from
what ive seen will also make a good op although ive seen elkbuntu
longer than ljl/
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