Irc Council - part 2 ( plus some more info to chew on )

Brandon Holtsclaw imbrandon at
Mon Oct 23 11:49:42 UTC 2006

> And the second issue is also here:
> I want to propose the following people as operators:
> * elkbuntu
> * LjL
> Currently this still needs to go via the CC, but if we get this IRC
> council working ok, we can do this ourselves. So let's pretend we can do
> this ourselves and see how it goes ;)

Well I dont know how much we're "pretending" if you want +1's from us and not 
the Council hehe but FWIW I personaly think elkbuntu will make a great 
operator and dont know LjL so I'll let you all make an informed choice about 

One thing I would like to bring up about the IRC OP team that has seemed to 
bit {us,me} in the rear once or twice.

I think the access lists for all the channels we moderate in needs to be 
normalized per se ( this also brings up exactly what channels 
are "official" , and what to do about LoCo channels ) we're growing to the 
point where yes we have "areas" we work on for the most part and frequent 
in , using myself as a "use case" I spend 80% or better of my time in 
#kubuntu #kubuntu-devel and #ubuntu-motu, but there has been more than one 
occasion where a moderator ( #ubuntu-devel and #ubuntu-offtopic come to 
mind ) where a "normal"  operator isnt available and we as the Ubuntu IRC 
team need to step in but cannot becouse none arround even though on the OP 
team have ops in that ubuntu channel, Thus to make this long story short, the 
IRC Op's Access list needs to be "normalized" on all Ubuntu official channels 
where when ops are added or removed from the team they are added or removed 
for all access lists

there are two minor problems I see with this but I dont think either one will 
be a show stopper, first the easy question, the initial audit of the access 
list to add OP members that are not on the list 

the second is a bit more tricky but i dont see it as a major problem , it just 
needs to be clear and agreed upon before the outset is "existing" 
or "localized" ops in ubuntu channels , we have a cupple of use cases , one 
using Riddell ( of Kubuntu core-dev fame ) is obviously qualified as an op 
and effectively "runs" #kubuntu-devel but is not part of the IRC Operators 
Team , and another use case might be loco teams like say the ubuntu-nl team 
has an op but is not part of the team but obviously dosent warrent removal 
from the access list, whom has the "authority" to add and remove "local ops" 
in official channels ? i say leave it to the IRC Councel on a case by case 
basis as there surely wont be many that will have ops but not be part of the 
team ( or become part of the team ), just my 0.2c 

Brandon Holtsclaw
imbrandon at

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