issues with freenode.

Francis Giannaros francisg at
Thu Nov 2 14:10:44 UTC 2006

On Thursday 02 November 2006 12:38, John Vivirito wrote:
> Im sitting here 11/2/06 at 8am-8:45 trying to connect to freenode and
> its a no go. IS this a known problem? i have tried changing ports i
> tried and and i get
> > 07:34 -!- Irssi: Unable to connect server port 8001
> >           [Connection refused]
> If i connect using i get server is full try later. I
> have tried using differnent nicks and same things. Is this a server
> issue or a kline or what? thank you.
> --
> GnomeFreak
> Linux User# 414246

[14:03:53] <christel> [>> $*] [Global Notice] Hi all! As you no doubt have 
noticed we're having some problems our end, we're experiencing a rather large 
Denial of Service attack and most of our servers were affected, and as such, 
most of our users! I'm terribly sorry for the inconvenience and hope you all 
hang in there. Thank you for using freenode!

Things are starting to pick up, but it's still lagging behind. Before even 
services (nickserv, chanserv etc) were all down. Tough.

Hope you get in soon 8).

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