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On 12/18/06, Anthony Vickers <anthony at> wrote:
> Rich Johnson wrote:
> > This is the job of the Ubuntu Community Council. Only perceivable
> > issues are you can't always get in touch with them via IRC, only by
> > emailing the CC list. Don't know about you, but Rock-Paper-Scissors
> > has worked out many a conflict as well :)
> >
> >
> Yes. My thoughts are that the Practioners' Council should be IRC channel
> based and issues would only escalate to the Community Council where
> resolution can't be achieved. I think much of the time it would be a
> place for kicked/banned persons and their supporters to vent away from
> the main channels, to calm down a bit and, where necessary, to be helped
> to see the errors of their ways, or not, as the case may be.
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> anto9us
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The first point I want to make on this subject is that the posting of
the channel logs concerning the issue at hand was not meant as, nor
was it a *bash* of anyone person in particular.  Unfortunately it was
the actions of one op that drew a lot of reaction out of the rest of
the team.  The logs were there to show that there are several things
that need to be discussed and changed about how the entire op team
handles things.  It wasn't meant as a bashing of ompaul and how he
handled the specific incident.  It was there to show us all that we
all need to think about the way we all do things, how our fellow ops
do things and to all work together as a team to make everything
better.  Not just for the user, but for all of us as fellow ops as

Personally I'm sorry that ompaul took it so seriously as a bashing
towards him and has *supposedly* stepped down from the ops team.  I
don't think that was what anyone wanted, nor was that the goal to
cause him or anyone else to do just that.  Maybe a lot of it has to do
with the fact that the logs were posted to a publicly accesible ML.
Who's to blame for that....jenda is what everyone will say since he
was the one who actually sent the email.  That however is *not* the
case I don't think.  It was me who stated it should be done and I had
no idea that this list was accessible to the public which I've sent an
email stating some ideas about fixing that.

It's been mentioned by some that if they were in ompaul's shoes that
they would be upset, pissed, mad or whatever and felt as if they had
been stabbed in the back.  Depending on who you are and how you
personally read the logs/email, they can be taken that way of course.
But again, it needs to be made explicity clear that this isn't an
issue with ompaul nor Seveas personally for that matter.  The ops are
a team thing, and it was to point out certain things that others feel
need to be changed, or atleast discussed.

I guess I'm really repeating myself in a lot of ways here and I do
apologize for that.  I think that with this meeting that is scheduled
for Wednesday at 18:00 UTC that someone within this team or someone
who reads this list can atleast convince ompaul to show up for the
meeting and to attend.  I believe he has a lot of points on his mind
that he would like to make and I think all of us could benefit from
that, even if he doesn't return to the ops team.

I really hope we can all get past this incident that has occured
recently and all get back to getting along as a team and working
together.  I really hate to see this kind of arguing/disagreement
within a team that is very important to the *Ubuntu community.  We
can't let this get the best of us and then let it affect the rest of
the community.  We all need to pull together as one big happy
team/family and figure out what we need to do to fix this one at hand,
and to try and prevent these types of things from happening in the

With kind regards,

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