vote on perm ban

Brian Burger blurdesign at
Mon Aug 21 01:28:07 UTC 2006

On 8/20/06, John Vivirito <gnomefreak at> wrote:

- --- Log opened Sun Aug 20 20:46:55 2006
> 20:46 -!- Irssi: Starting query in freenode with ttyfscker
> 20:46 <ttyfscker> man that just isnt right..  listen.. i am trying to
> get a job with ubuntu/canonical.. and here you go doing this.. why do
> you have to be a dickhead to me all the time man?

He hopes to get a job w/ Canonical by loitering in #ubuntu and being

Come to think of it, I've warned ttyfscker about being offtopic in #ubuntu
before as well...

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