[Ubuntu-ir] Ubuntu 7.10 Desktop Course - IT's HERE!!

Platoali platoali at gmail.com
Sun Jan 20 20:15:15 GMT 2008

On Yek-shanbe 30 Dei 1386, Mehdi wrote:

> They are really useful books and are released under CC(by-nc-sa). Do you
> have any ideas for translation?
> Any other contributor?

Yes I'm ready, I think we have enouph people ( two or three )  ready to 
contibute in translation. we can gather a team, and start. ;)  

Would you please post the list of books that you think have higher priority 
for translation. I looked at this book. It is very  Gnome specefic. Although 
I can understand the reasons for this, but not realy intrested in Gnome 
specefic books personaly. Do you know any other book that talk about KDE too?

Best regards

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