ubiquity lvm/luks

Dmitrijs Ledkovs dmitrij.ledkov at ubuntu.com
Fri Jun 8 11:13:23 UTC 2012

Dear all,

Here is the progress update on ubiquity lvm/luks.

I have included the following packages in d-i/lists/any:

I have modified the gtk frontend's UI to include:
Auto partitioning page:
- checkboxes for LVM & Encrypted LVM
Manual patitioning page:
- 'add device' button, for eventually creating 'complex' block devices
- checkboxes 'Encrypt underlying partition' in the create and edit
partition dialog boxes.

Screenshots (slightly out of date) can be seen here:

For the UI additions, I have added the relevant templates to
debian/ubiquity.templates to pass the full translations unit-test.
I didn't reuse partman's translations, as the translations there didn't
quite fit the ubiquity UI.

The changes are in the lp:~dmitrij.ledkov/ubiquity/dangerdonotuse
Based on the lp:ubiquity.

Upon building above against quantal's archive, and installing updated
deb's in the quantal daily live cd, installer still works =)

Partman successfully loads the lvm/raid/crypto plug ins.

In terms of testing it should be possible to pre-seed partman recipe
with lvm/crypto and raid at this point.

== Auto partitioning ==

Nest step, is to actually make the checkboxes on the Automatic
Partitioning page to work.

This brought me to the question of how to best use/abuse the 'options'
and 'extra_options' dictionaries. Since now, we will no longer have a
single recipe per installation type.

I was thinking to change the extra_options dictionary, e.g change the
value of 'use_device' key to be a *list* of tuples [(recipy,{device:
(device_representation)}, ]. But that does mean that device will be
stored over and over again (well 3 times if we don't have raid).

(see attachment for the current structure of extra_options)

But I'm not sure if it's the right way to do, for easier integration
with partman.

The password ecryption password set-up needs an extra step/page (not
done yet, will be reusing user set-up page).

== Hiding stuff ==

"Ensure that manual partitioning frontend does not offer complex block
devices until such time as we have the ability to do something useful
with them"

My plan is, to use an environmental variable "UBIQUITY_DANGERDONOTUSE".
If that variable is not set, then I do the following:

* hide the checkboxes in the auto-partitioner (unless they work)

* hide 'create device' button

* hide checkboxes encrypt underlying partition in the create/edit dialogs

* filter partman's "Use as" selection to exclude: crypto, lvm, md.

This should allow to merge stuff as it is, without affecting the
production installer. Is this sensible? If yes, I will prepare the
branch to merge these dependencies in.


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