%post interpreter

Ryan Lovett ryan at stat.berkeley.edu
Tue Oct 19 20:50:17 BST 2010

I'm trying to move my working hardy kickseed configuration over to a lucid
network installation and have run into some problems. My bourne shell code
in %post uses ()s which are now causing odd behavior. After my %pre prints
a few things to console and the sleeps, I see a lot of 

  sh: closing paren expected

messages immediately spewed to the console. When I comment out my %post
code, those messages are not printing during %pre. Its as if the %post is
being preparsed. The string seems to come from dash
(dash- even though I have

  %pre --interpreter=/bin/bash


  %post --interpreter=/bin/bash

Does the installer no longer honor the interpreter parameter? I've
forgotten where the source for the installer is or I'd check it myself.

I wound up moving my %post code to a bash script and executing it. I'm
having other problems however so I'd like to try to resolve this. I
couldn't find a description of changes, if any, from 8.04, in


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