grub install options during installation

Lance lbsolost at
Sun Dec 12 16:37:13 GMT 2010

I've been collaborating with Herman from:

to create some new installer instructions regarding the new ubiquity and I'd really appreciate some feedback regarding grub-install options.

While what he says there is correct, "Another location for installing GRUB's boot.img which used to be
popular was the partition boot
sector of the Ubuntu partition. In this case that's /dev/sda6. 
Although it can still be
done if you insist, this prcatice is now discouraged. GRUB's core.img
cannot be embedded when we install the boot.img to a partition boot
sector, and although GRUB will still work with the copy of core.img in
/boot/grub, (within the file system), it would need to rely on block
addressing to locate that would make GRUB less reliable.", I've personally found that installing grub to a new installations "/" (or "/ boot" if one's being created) is just fine if someone intends to use a different bootloader.

In fact I've done that a number of times without ill results, and I believe that's the proper procedure if one is going to use Esay BCD. Can Colin, or anyone, confirm this? 
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