Automatic Installation of packages after LiveCD Installation

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> 1) I have create a custom Live DVD CD - Good
> 2) It contains a huge number of software - Good
> 3) Live DVD is slow - Bad
> 4) Solution is - Keep a small number of software in filesystem.squashfs So
> that you LiveDVD will boot easily. Keep extra software/package on Live DVD,
> After the installation , (extracting squashfs) , chroot into the filesystem
> and install the rest of the software So when user boot his harddisk, he will
> find all the software of LiveDVD.
> Please tell me how i can do this ?
now Ubuntu Live CD automatically have option for installation "Install this
third-party software", So How i can put some extra software or add another
option like "Install All Other software present on this LiveDVD ?"
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