Lucid netinst ISO + "linux auto" == VFS kernel panic

Jonathan Matthews contact at
Thu Dec 2 23:27:16 GMT 2010

Hi all -
[ apologies for the cross-post from -users, but I only just noticed
that this list wasn't *solely* the preserve of d-i/etc development ]

* The problem
I'm getting a VFS kernel panic when the auto-install invocation "linux
auto url=$URI" is used at boot as per the installation manual: (screenshot of panic)

* A bit more detail:
I'm trying to automate the deployment of some LTS servers using
preseed. As a stopgap before getting dedicated dhcp+pxe+tftp going,
I'm attempting to prove the validity of the preseed config (accessible
via http://IP/) alongside a physical copy of Lucid's 64-bit mini.iso.
(This is on an R300, FWIW)

The "auto installation" section of the 10.04 manual
suggests that booting with just "linux auto
url=" is both valid and sufficient. I'm finding,
however, that I get a VFS panic very early on, as detailed in this

* How I've troubleshot so far:
I successfully installed from the same mini.iso CD on this machine
previously. DHCP is known to be working and handing out working DNS in
a timely fashion. I've tried adding "raid=noautodetect" to the kernel
params to no avail (as per the screenshot). I've also tried adding
"interface=auto dhcp_timeout=60" and many permutations of these

Any thoughts? Is auto-install supported by the Lucid mini.iso? Am i
missing some net-related preseed params/config which wouldn't need
explicitly stating if I'd PXE'd the image over (i.e. local network
config would be known-good)?

Many thanks,
Jonathan Matthews
London, UK

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