Wubi with custom Live CD

Ryan Kavanagh ryanakca at kubuntu.org
Fri Aug 20 21:29:25 BST 2010

Hi list,

I've modified a Ubuntu 10.04 (Lubuntu to be precise) live CD for the local
university and  I'm having difficulties with Wubi. It successfully copies the
contents of the CD to the hard drive but when it boots from the HD, ubiquity /
whichever installer doesn't get called. The end product is a system identical to
my LiveCD, with a "Install Ubuntu" icon on the desktop to call ubiquity as you
would on the live CD.

Does anybody have any pointers regarding this? I've compared the my LiveCD's
preseed to the Ubuntu live CD's and found them to be nearly indentical (apart
from adding several apt repositories). Where does the installer get called from?

Also, is it possible (regardless of whether or not it is supported) to use GRUB1
with Wubi? The university has some rather odd hardware that doesn't work with

I've had to revert Wubi to revision 189 because of random build and installation

Since this live CD will be the Linux environment used by the computing students,
getting Wubi to work is a high priority task on my end; I would greatly
appreciate any advice you can give.

Kind regards,
Ryan Kavanagh

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