Installing extra (non-live) packages using Ubiquity

William Shallum william at
Mon May 4 01:18:14 BST 2009


I'm trying to customize the Ubuntu 8.10 Live CD. How should I install  
a package that's not contained in the live squashfs image? I don't  
want these packages to run on the live image, but I want these  
packages to be installed if the user installs the image. There's a  
pool directory in the livecd but it contains very few packages. Should  
I put the packages in the pool structure?

In the preseeding documentation it says that to install extra  
packages, "d-i pkgsel/include" should be used, but in the  
UbiquityAutomation wiki page it says that pkgsel doesn't work with  
ubiquity. What should I do?


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