ubuntu 8.10 desktop network installation

MAILLAN-XID, Stephane stephane.maillan at ti.com
Mon Mar 30 13:43:50 BST 2009


I was looking for the correct process to deploy ubuntu 8.10 desktop from the network.

After extracting the iso image I figured out that the directory "install" was nearly empty (just mt86plus) , I did not no if this is an issue ?!

Nevermind I used the netboot image from the ubuntu 8.10 server ( in fact the updated image from cjwatson that fix the issue with kickseed that need busybox getopt -l activated) .

The netboot image boot normally retrieve and parse the unattended file but later go in error while trying to download installer component.

I use as url the extracted cdrom that I serve from http.

Here what I got in the log :

Mar 28 08:06:41 anna[6238]: WARNING **: bad d-i Packages file
Mar 28 08:06:41 net-retriever: gpgv: Signature made Wed Oct 29 22:05:37 2008 UTC using DSA key ID FBB75451
Mar 28 08:06:41 net-retriever: gpgv: Good signature from "Ubuntu CD Image Automatic Signing Key <cdimage at ubuntu.com>"
Mar 28 08:06:41 anna[6238]: cat: can't open '/tmp/net-retriever-6420-deduplicate/*': No such file or directory

Does anybody get any idea why it is failing and what should I do to fix this.

My only goal is to have ubuntu installed and to profit of gnome after installation.

Is it the same to install from ubuntu 8.10 server but install the desktop package as well , if so where can I find the difference of package between the server and desktop version

Thanks a lot


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