Wubi status

Evan Dandrea evand at ubuntu.com
Wed Mar 4 14:23:34 GMT 2009

I'm moving this to ubuntu-installer, as we really should have any Wubi
discussions there.

I started working on integrating the new python-based Wubi into my
local branch of cdimage, and I just realized that we have a bit of a
problem.  As you recall, we disabled Wubi on the DVD as it required a
large amount of space and computing time to use with a large disc.  We
accomplished this by removing Wubi.exe from the DVD and code in umenu
that disabled the Wubi option if the executable was not present on the
CD.  However, we now have umenu merged into Wubi as the --cdmenu
option and there's seemingly no way with the current code to disable
the Wubi option from the umenu page.

I see two options here.

One, we add a --no-wubi option to Wubi, that implies --cdmenu and
disables the Wubi button.  The problem with this is that users will
still be able to run Wubi from the DVD if they browse the filesystem
or if the autorun file fails or they have autorun disabled.

Two, we add code to Wubi to check if the medium it's running from is
larger than 1G, and if so, run the umenu page and disable the Wubi
button, which can be overridden by a --force-wubi option.


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