Fwd: rejecting ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu

Evan Dandrea evand at ubuntu.com
Fri Jul 31 09:11:41 BST 2009

I'm unsure of the original source for all of these icons, so I cannot
fix this myself.  Dylan, could you please have a look?

I'll re-upload it once we've dealt with this.


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From: Jonathan Riddell <jriddell at ubuntu.com>
Date: Fri, Jul 31, 2009 at 1:13 AM
Subject: rejecting ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu
To: ubuntu-archive at lists.ubuntu.com, Evan Dandrea <evand at ubuntu.com>

I'm rejecting ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu because the licencing of the
icons is unclear.

debian/copyright claims everything is CC 3.0.  I'm not sure of the
origin of the generic icons there or their licence but the Ubuntu logo
is CC 2.5 as far as I know and Pidgin's icon is GPL with other apps
probably similarly.  The Firefox icon I believe is under a restricted
licence so the derived work included here may well not be legal.

Please review what licences the icons are under, ensure the full
licence text is included in the tar and debian/copyright is updated
then re-upload.


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