[Jaunty] New kernel 2.6.28-14.46 uploaded (ABI Bump)

Stefan Bader stefan.bader at canonical.com
Wed Jul 8 16:53:30 BST 2009

A new Jaunty kernel has been uploaded to proposed. The changelog can be found at


Note the ABI bump. The update brings the Ubuntu kernel up to the last upstream 
stable update.

ABI: kvm_get_cr8
ABI: kvm_emulate_hypercall
ABI: kvm_vcpu_init
ABI: kvm_inject_nmi
ABI: unregister_md_personality
ABI: bitmap_cond_end_sync
ABI: gfn_to_page
ABI: kvm_is_visible_gfn
ABI: kvm_x86_ops
ABI: md_write_end
ABI: bitmap_unplug
ABI: kvm_put_kvm
ABI: kvm_cpu_has_pending_timer
ABI: kvm_get_cs_db_l_bits
ABI: emulate_instruction
ABI: gfn_to_hva
ABI: kvm_get_msr_common
ABI: kvm_put_guest_fpu
ABI: kvm_create_lapic
ABI: kvm_cpu_get_interrupt
ABI: bitmap_close_sync
ABI: kvm_read_guest_atomic
ABI: kvm_get_apic_base
ABI: kvm_mmu_unprotect_page_virt
ABI: kvm_report_emulation_failure
ABI: md_done_sync
ABI: kvm_write_guest_page
ABI: kvm_queue_exception
ABI: kvm_mmu_load
ABI: load_pdptrs
ABI: kvm_lmsw
ABI: register_md_personality
ABI: kvm_lapic_find_highest_irr
ABI: __kvm_set_memory_region
ABI: emulator_read_std
ABI: kvm_resched
ABI: kvm_queue_exception_e
ABI: kvm_inject_pending_timer_irqs
ABI: kvm_emulate_cpuid
ABI: emulator_write_emulated
ABI: md_check_recovery
ABI: kvm_mmu_reset_context
ABI: md_wait_for_blocked_rdev
ABI: kvm_load_guest_fpu
ABI: fx_init
ABI: kvm_emulate_pio_string
ABI: md_do_sync
ABI: md_allow_write
ABI: kvm_read_guest_page
ABI: md_wakeup_thread
ABI: kvm_mmu_invlpg
ABI: kvm_read_guest
ABI: kvm_mmu_page_fault
ABI: kvm_lapic_get_cr8
ABI: kvm_clear_guest
ABI: kvm_task_switch
ABI: md_error
ABI: kvm_lapic_enabled
ABI: kvm_lapic_reset
ABI: md_unregister_thread
ABI: bitmap_startwrite
ABI: kvm_vcpu_uninit
ABI: bitmap_start_sync
ABI: kvm_set_memory_region
ABI: md_new_event
ABI: kvm_emulate_pio
ABI: md_register_thread
ABI: md_write_start
ABI: kvm_cpu_has_interrupt
ABI: kvm_lapic_get_base
ABI: kvm_set_apic_base
ABI: kvm_get_kvm
ABI: kvm_set_cr0
ABI: kvm_set_cr3
ABI: kvm_set_cr4
ABI: kvm_set_cr8
ABI: kvm_emulate_halt
ABI: bitmap_endwrite
ABI: kvm_clear_guest_page
ABI: kvm_set_msr_common
ABI: gfn_to_pfn
ABI: kvm_lapic_set_tpr
ABI: bitmap_end_sync
MIS: kvm_timer_intr_post
NEW: gfn_to_memslot_unaliased
NEW: pnp_range_reserved
WW: There have been 2 new symbols.
EE: There were 1 missing symbols.
EE: The ABI changed for 83 functions

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