Can't preseed username settings in 9.04 alpha 4

Joshua Kwan jkwan at
Wed Feb 11 02:45:34 GMT 2009

Hi all,

I'm trying to preseed username and password settings in Jaunty alpha 4 and it seems to have regressed since 8.10 because doing the same thing as I did in 8.10 causes the User Setup wizard page to open asking me what my name is, what I want my hostname to be, my password, etc.

The values I'm preseeding for the ubiquity and user-setup packages are:


alternatively, I've tried using


instead of user-password-crypted.

Is there something new since 8.10 that I'll have to preseed? I notice that there are suspicious looking changes in user-setup 1.23ubuntu1 that may be affecting me on this front.

Thanks and please CC me on replies.

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