Fwd: rejecting ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu

Evan Dandrea evand at ubuntu.com
Fri Aug 7 15:03:32 BST 2009

On Fri, Aug 7, 2009 at 7:37 AM, Dylan McCall<dylanmccall at gmail.com> wrote:
> Oh, cool! I was actually looking at that same javascript solution a few
> days ago, alongside the GIMP stuff. If you can figure it out, I'll
> consider you a magician :)

I realized that that project doesn't acutally blur.  This does, however:

Again, my limited knowledge of CSS and Javascript is preventing me
from doing anything useful with this yet.

> Still, I'm starting to like this GIMP solution quite a bit. I tweaked
> the reflections a bit so that the blur is somewhat stronger vertically.
> I think the effect is pretty useful to hide the seams, especially for
> those icons that try to look 3D (where the reflection rather destroys
> that effect).

Very cool.  Do you have this in a branch somewhere?  Do remember that
we need to keep the source images in the source package (not the
binary package), so please do put those in the branch as well if you
have not done so already, and note where you got each icon from in

> Another option for Firefox: simply ship the unchanged icon as it comes;
> it's, uh, magically invisible at certain angles, thus not reflected.
> That will deal with some of the trouble and avoid the haziness with the
> "just do it dynamically" approach, where I feel we are following the
> trademark guidelines to the letter but not really following their
> intent. In the worst case, we can always use a generic icon (maybe the
> official unbranded Firefox globe one, if there's a version over 128x128
> pixels somewhere) or simply talk about something else on the expectation
> that people will see "Firefox Web Browser" in the menu and have some
> vague idea what it does anyway (albeit without the extra incentive to
> check out extensions).

I'd like to try to generate the effect dynamically.  I don't think it
violates the intent of the copyright, as we are talking about
Mozilla's package of Firefox and simply adding graphics around the
icon so that it fits better in the slide it's presented on.

If we are unable to accomplish this, then I'd like to try talking to
Mozilla about it.  If they say no to letting us distribute the
modified version of their icon, we can most certainly go with the
globe (abrowser) icon.

Hrm, we could also generate the effects as a separate image that gets
loaded at the previous Z level.  We can then distribute the original
Firefox icon unmodified.  Dylan, any interest in investigating doing
that with your script?

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