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Wed Apr 15 17:04:54 BST 2009


I am automating the deployment of some ubuntu system (8.10) using kickstart method with kickseed support.

I get an issue with some package that ask for some interactive answer :

-          libnss-ldap  postfix ,sun-java*

kickseed supporting the kickstart method give you the avaibility to pressed some stuff with syntax :

preseed -owner .........

This method will give me a way to work around my issue but I am looking for something another :

Is there a way to have the package installed with a non interactive mode ?

I tested DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive then my apt-get install command and this is working nice.

So I added DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive on the append line of the pxelinux configuration for the network installation.
However I am monitoring the deployment via IPMI and using DEBIAN_FRONTEND=noninteractive seem's to be used as well to do not output nothing on the screen so I do not see nothing.

Is there a more elegant way to install packages non interactive (excluding preseed -owner) and where I can find documentation around DEBIAN_FRONTEND or equivalent method to do not be prompted for question during the network ubuntu deployment

Thanks in advance
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