How compatible is Ubiquity with debian?

Endre Hoel endre at
Sun Sep 21 22:38:10 BST 2008

Hi ubiquity-mailinglist.

I was wondering how compatible ubiquity is with debian etch/lenny/sid. I had
some plans of making a debian live-cd with live-helper and include a live
installer, and ubiquity came to mind.

Quote from the package-site at ubuntu;
"This is a simple live CD installer designed to integrate well with Debian-
and Ubuntu-based systems, and to reuse code from d-i for ease of

I then just tried to install the .deb-package into the chrooted environment
of the builded live-cd and used mostely lenny-sources except for those few
dependencies lenny did not have. Anyway, ubiquity then started, but at the
partition-part, it crashed.

I'm not too good with configuring and compiling into debs, have anyone tried
this before and/or have any guidance to give?

- Endre
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