Startup splash image for ubuntu live cd

Pieter van Zyl pvzyl at
Fri Oct 24 08:57:49 BST 2008

Good day,

I am working on scubuntu.

We have modified the ubiquity installer to provide a package selection

Currently I want to modify the boot themes so that it will display our

I have downloaded the source for usplash-theme-ubuntu and modified the
images. But when the installer start the main screen's background is
still the ubuntu one. After the menu where you select your language and
boot the live cd the modified images do display. (when it display the
progress bars)

It seems to me that I need to modify gfxboot? If so I have taken a look
at gfxboot and gfxboot-theme-ubuntu but it is not clear to me how I
change the background image.

Any advice? Should I post this question to the gfxboot forums?



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