An introduction of sorts - Remastersys

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Mon Oct 6 22:20:23 BST 2008

I realized after I sent this that the info was too vague.

Apparently at 94% of the install it attempts to reconfigure the popularity-contest package and it hangs trying to reconfigure it.  Killing the reconfigure process lets it continue normally.

Tony Brijeski

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> Subject: An introduction of sorts - Remastersys
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> Date: Monday, October 6, 2008, 4:02 PM
> I stumbled upon a thread among the lists here mentioning
> remastersys and my username Fragadelic.
> It seemed some of you thought the original poster was in
> fact me but it wasn't.  This is my first post to the
> list as I just subscribed today.
> Anyway, the remastersys project is about creating a livecd
> backup of your working installed system while you are using
> the system so it differs from any of the other remastering
> tools or backup options as it also leaves you with a livecd
> like the original Ubuntu one and you can also install it
> back to the hard drive using ubiquity.
> The one thing I have come across and can't seem to get
> by is popularity-contest.  No matter what I do with the
> package it causes ubiquity to lock up at 94% installation
> and sometimes it continues.  My only solution so far has
> been to remove popularity-contest which in turn removes
> ubuntu-standard while leaving all of the other packages in
> tact.
> I'd like to be able to leave popularity-contest alone
> as it is part of Ubiquity installer questions.
> If you are interested in further info about what or how
> remastersys works I'd be more than happy to explain it
> and any help regarding this issue would be greatly
> appreciated even though I know it is outside the scope of
> the installer.
> Regards,
> Tony Brijeski aka Fragadelic
> Remastersys Developer
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