boot direct from an iso

ago agostino.russo at
Wed May 14 08:15:24 BST 2008

Hi Scott,

Yes there are hooks in gutsy too, but do not remember the exact syntax
on top of my head. A trick is to stop the boot process with
break=mount and look into /scripts/casper-bottom. Or look into the
older branch of lupin. I will be back tonight and will provide more

Ps I have been looking for someone with mac experience to help with a
wubi port (mubi). In particular it would help if you could provide
more info on the boot process (assuming your experiences with atv can
be extended to other macs).


On 5/13/08, Scott D. Davilla <davilla at> wrote:
> >Scott, apologies if my first email wasn't very clear, I hope that the
> >second one I sent was more helpful. I am glad to see you found your
> >way through, and I certainly agree that the documentation on the lupin
> >hooks should be improved (mostly my fault). I was hoping to provide
> >the same hooks also in the alternate initrd and was waiting for an
> >harmonization before writing the docs.
> Yes, the second one gave me the hints for where to look for the
> proper boot params.
> This seems to work great for Ubuntu 8.04 and derivatives.
> Is there something similar for 7.10. I tried kubuntu 7.10 and neither
> "iso-scan" nor "find-iso" result in a boot. Unfortunately, kubuntu
> 7.10 does not include fbcon/vesafb in the initrd so I don't have
> console framebuffer output and can't see the errors.
> I'm trying kubuntu 7.10 because LinuxMCE is based off that and
> several users want to try LinuxMCE. Can't do the alternate install
> because the text based installer wants to reference "/cdrom" for the
> install payload.

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