Using custom_installation

Joshua Kwan jkwan at
Mon Mar 24 23:20:11 GMT 2008

Hey all,

I notice that Hardy has replaced the find_preseed command line argument with
a custom_installation argument. I've had trouble replacing find_preseed's
functionality with custom_installation.

1) First of all, is it possible? Can you do with custom_installation what you
could do with find_preseed?

2) lupin-helpers/find_path now excludes floppy devices from the search of
valid devices to search in. Is there a good reason? This is a change from

3) lupin-helpers/is_supported_fs still doesn't include iso9660. What is the
meaning of a 'supported fs'? Ideally, I would like to mount an iso9660 volume
containing my custom installation data.


Joshua Kwan 

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