Intrepid kernel upload with ABI bump

Tim Gardner tcanonical at
Wed Dec 17 15:09:28 GMT 2008

Coming soon to an archive near you. Look for linux_2.6.27-11.21 in a
little while.

This kernel has a number of SRU patches as well as stable kernel updates and I've also cherry picked a CIFS commit that fixes
a regression introduced in the series. I guess it pays to wait
a few days after stable is published just to see what fallout there is
(if any). As far as I know its the only regression introduced in all 9
stable updates.

This will be the last upload, barring serious regressions, until the
current -proposed kernel is promoted to -updates pursuant to our
quarterly kernel release policy. I hope to have that accomplished for
both Intrepid and Hardy in early January.

Related to the Intrepid kernel upload are also SRU patches to
linux-restricted-modules including a stability fix to the Broadcom wl

linux-backports-modules-intrepid contains upstream compat-wireless as of
Dec 12 (as soon as I get it compiling).

Tim Gardner tim.gardner at

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