What Metapackages does a standard Xubuntu Install have ?

Udit Manektala umanekta at thoughtworks.com
Tue Aug 19 02:48:27 BST 2008

We're trying to build an installer that is similar to a xubuntu installer 
using the CDImage scripts and ran into a problem with missing packages. I 
was under the impression that the xubuntu-desktop metapackage is solely 
responsible for installing all packages needed to install the Xubuntu 
system. And so we built an installer with the default metapackge selected 
in the preseed, being xubuntu-desktop. The resulting system, though, was 
missing some crucial packages such as  cron, at, ed , telnet , wget etc. I 
grep for these packages in the dependency lists of the xubuntu-desktop 
metapackage but did not find them anywhere. This makes me believe that a 
standard xubuntu installation has more contributing to it than just this 1 
metapackage. Is that a correct assumption and if yes, then what other 
metapackages do I need to install apart from xubuntu-desktop, to get a 
standard xubuntu-install ?

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