Alternative methods for inserting preseed files

Joshua Kwan jkwan at
Wed Nov 14 11:13:37 GMT 2007

Hey, so find_preseed works, except it refuses to accept iso9660 as a
supported FS.
Why is that? That basically requires me to go the floppy method, so I can use


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It's the lupin-casper package and it is ships in the Gutsy ISO (look
into casper-bottom...). I haven't document it though (guilty as
charged), use the previous email as a reference and feel free to ask.


On Nov 13, 2007 2:48 AM, Joshua Kwan <jkwan at> wrote:
> I can't "find_preseed" in any part of the casper source package. Are you
> this isn't a wubi thing?
> Thanks though. I am thinking of using your hard disk method.
> -Josh

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