Trouble with installer

aaron fay aaronfay at
Fri Feb 2 19:53:57 GMT 2007

I am new to Linux and have had a devil of a time loading Ubuntu.  I am using
a Vectra Pent III 933gHz with 512 RAM and 80gHD. I tried loading Dapper (
6.06.1) but the installer kept crashing.  I submitted the report to
launchpad several times.  I did check the CD and it checked out fine on
another machine.

Launchpad advised me to use 6.10 (Edgy).  I completely eliminated all
partitions using Win95 startup floppy.  I burned Ubuntu 6.10 image on a CD
yesterday and tried it, but the installer crashed again after about 15%
installed.  Now I am at a complete loss what to do next.

I appreciate the advice and would also like to speak to someone by phone if
anyone has the time.


Thank you
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