Wubi developer would be interested in helping with developing the installer tool in Gutsy

Evan Dandrea evand at ubuntu.com
Tue Aug 28 15:42:39 BST 2007

On Thu, Aug 23, 2007 at 11:14:54PM +0100, ago wrote:
> 2. If the above is accepted, install Ubiquity whenever you do a loop
> installation

Hrm, I wonder how feasible it would be to tell Ubiquity /rofs is
actually / and preseed all the questions, except for the partman ones.

If memory serves (and it probably doesn't), partman will ignore
partitions that are already mounted.  Or did we just change this for

This would take care of the code duplication, but the UI would be a bit
odd though, providing no explanation of what you're really doing, so I
imagine we'd have to make a new frontend at least.

Colin, what are your thoughts on this approach?

> 3. Have an icon on the desktop with something like "Upgrade Ubuntu to
> a Dedicated Partition". The icon will have the double role of making
> it clear that loopinstallations are a short-term solution. When
> clicked, the user will see a short and simple explanation about pros
> (robustness, i/o speed, hibernation/suspend) and cons (need to
> repartition the HD) of using a dedicated partition. If the user
> agrees, ubiquity will be launched.

I'm leery of putting it on the desktop as those icons are easily
deleteable and can get lost in the pile of junk people typically dump on

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