Problem with booting from Compact Flash

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Thu Aug 23 08:28:27 BST 2007

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I have a soekris net5501 (
embedded system. The only mass storage is a 8 GB CF card which
registers itself as PRIMARY SLAVE on the IDE-port (AMD Geode 500 LX
with CS5536).

The PXE-installation with 7.04 went well:
hdb1 - root-filesystem
hdb5 - swap

When I reboot the system GRUB cames up and I can choose, what kernel
to start. But when the booting-process comes to the part where the
root-filesystem is mounted, it hange for a longer time and then I get
the error:
ALERT! /dev/hdb1 does not exist. Dropping to a shell!
And a BusyBox-shell is opened.
If I start a rescue-system from PXE, it detects correctly the card.

So I think, during installation and rescue, the system loads a special
module, which recognizes the CF-card correctly, but this module is not
active during the "normal" boot-process.

How can make the installer to create a correct initramfs?

By the way: An actual debian stable works out of the box.

Thanks in advance

Joerg Schoppet
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