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Pema Geyleg pema.geyleg at
Wed Aug 22 11:23:32 BST 2007

Dear Colin,

I am really grateful for your mail.  I had a look at the and found that I could
contribute in most of the areas listed under it.

I have uploaded most of the documentation on the stuffs that I had been
doing over the three years at
and customization of Debian Linux can be found at
and creation of Live CD based on Morphix and Morhpix installer at

I am still not sure how the d-i and alternate ubuntu-installer is being
maintained.What are the changes that has taken place inside the alternate
ubuntu-installer.Could you please throw some light on it..

I would also be grateful if you could assign specific tasks to me so that I
could work on it and contribute to ubuntu linux and the ubuntu community as
a whole..

Many Thanks
Pema Geyleg

On 8/21/07, Colin Watson <cjwatson at> wrote:
> On Tue, Aug 21, 2007 at 02:04:15PM +0600, Pema Geyleg wrote:
> > I had been working on customizing Debian Installer for the last three
> years
> > and had been involved in creating a customized Debian Installer for my
> > country. I had been actively involved in getting our language "Dzongkha"
> > support in Debian Linux. I am familiar with building the Debian CD/DVD
> etc..
> > from the d-i source file using debian-cd. I had used preseeding
> extensively,
> > am familar with Debian Package management and can build packages from
> > scratch. I am comfortable with most of the programming languages like C,
> > C++, Java etc..
> Cool. (We don't use C++ or Java in d-i, though C will stand you in good
> stead as will POSIX shell.)
> > I had gone through and
> wanted
> > to contribute in the development of the alternate ubuntu installer.
> However
> > I am still confused on how its been branched from the d-i. Could some
> one
> > point me to the right documentation?
> It may help to note that d-i is just a collection of packages (the
> binary objects produced are rather unusual, but the source packages are
> more or less perfectly normal), and so, just like the rest of Ubuntu, we
> started out by just taking a snapshot of Debian unstable and modifying
> packages as we went from there. Later on we started importing things
> into revision control.
> Are you confused about the process (why packages are changed, when we
> merge with mainline d-i, etc.), or the mechanism (source packages,
> revision control, how the images are built, etc.)?
> > And How can I contribute to the ubuntu-installer development?
> It all depends on your interests. I wrote
> a while ago, and much
> of it is still valid. What sort of areas are you interested in helping
> out with?
> (I started in d-i by helping out a bit with the powerpc kernel udebs,
> then got into bootloader installers and then the partitioner via that,
> since that was what was needed to get the installer working on my
> PowerBook. After that I just gradually drifted into more and more bits
> and pieces that annoyed me personally until I had a very broad
> familiarity with the whole thing.)
> --
> Colin Watson                                       [cjwatson at]
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