[ubuntu-in] Edubuntu with LTSP help in Odisha

Prakash Advani prakash at ubuntu.com
Mon Apr 15 12:58:03 UTC 2013

Anyone having LTSP exerience ? Anyone in Odisha can help ? See email below.

On Sat, Apr 13, 2013 at 7:43 PM, royce 
abraham<royce.abraham at thechurchatpowai.com 
<mailto:royce.abraham at thechurchatpowai.com>>wrote:

    Dear Mr. Advani,
    My friend Richard referred you as the right person to connect to for
    implementing Edubuntu in our school.

    Brief introduction - Myself, Royce Abraham worked as a Java
    programmer in Mumbai 10 years back. I left the job to help the
    illiterate tribal children from Odisha  who comes to Mumbai and
    works as migrant labourers in the construction industry. Lord Jesus
    put in my heart to start a school for these underprivileged children
    at the grassroot level so that the next generation could choose a
    better vocation. I along with wife Lydia also from Mumbai and a
    teacher by profession stays there and runs the school. The members
    of our church in Mumbai sacrificially sponsors these children. We
    have 360 kids in our school till the VI standard. The School is
    located on a hill top and connection to internet is through GPRS
    with max speed of 3kps (which takes 10 minutes to download 1 MB).

    In this challenging environment our desire is to provide quality
    education to these children and good computer education is integral
    to it.

    We have a computer lab with Edubuntu on a dual core server with 4 GB
    Ram and 5 client (old P-III and IV) machine connecting through LTSP.
      We had problems when multimedia games like tux games were running
    simultaneous on all the machines. It got hang frequently and ran
    very slowly.

    Our goal is set up a Thin client using Edubuntu with 20- 25 thin
    client machines and I would be glad if you will be able to connect
    me to someone who has hands on experience on it.

    I would be glad if you can connect me to any schools in Mumbai (or
    other places in India) who is presently using Edubuntu LTSP technology.

    I would like to know the client hardware specification for the
    multimedia (video and sound) to run smoothly. Does Edubuntu has any
    paid support in India?

    I know that you have busy schedule, but I still take the liberate to
    shamelessly ask for your time to help us in setting up this lab
    which would go a long way in building the lives of these children.

    God Bless

    Royce Abraham
    Asst. Director

    Jisu Prem English School, Odisha.
    Mob. No.09437945369 <tel:09437945369>

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