[ubuntu-in] Urgent - Ubuntu Install breaks and Crashes Dell Inspiron

Narendra Diwate narendra.diwate at gmail.com
Sat Sep 18 05:37:07 BST 2010

On Sat, Sep 18, 2010 at 9:58 AM, Ramnarayan.K <ramnarayan.k at gmail.com>wrote:
| what about a linux reinstall - would that kind of work to show up the lost

Might give it a try. IF your friend allows you to try. It really feels bad
when such things happen. You more or less feel guilty of f*cking up a good

On a unrelated note, i have heard that PC's that come with a recovery/hidden
partition are the worse problem givers when installing linux for dual boot
using GRUB or lilo. So best to allow the Win boot loader to be the one to
dual boot.

Narendra Diwate
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